Student Program: Peer-to-Peer

Our mission at Peer-to-Peer is to create opportunities for student success by implementing the concept of service.

We offer opportunities to serve through volunteering. We believe that by volunteering, students will gain experience and become transformed into individuals with sharpened leadership qualities, effective communication and professional skills.

We want students to have an exceptional experience while achieving their own goals. We want to solidify this community. We believe that we can succeed together with students by first serving our peers.

Our first major event is The First Three Days, where we partner with the BC Bookstore. Nearly 50 volunteers work together to serve the college community during the busiest times of each quarter. Our volunteers get to expand their network and knowledge, sharpen their communication skills and definitely get a work out! It’s a great start to the quarter.

Our second major event is the Ice Cream Social. This event brings in a lot of people to Student Programs (C212). Per-to-Peer co-sponsors with other departments and clubs on campus to help serve ice cream to students as well as provide a safe space for social activities. We also provide sugar-free and dairy-free ice creams.

The First Year Experience partners with Entry Services. As a program that practices mentorship, Peer-to-Peer mentors team up and recruit current students to be student panelists to share their experiences on campus, their positive and negative decisions, tips for studying, getting resources, and answer any other questions incoming students may have.

Finally, we have the Phone-a-Thon, where Peer-to-Peer organizes mentors to call all incoming students after about three weeks into the quarter to inquire about their experience and to address any concerns or questions they may have.

Peer-to-Peer is located at the PALS Center in C106. You are more than welcome to ask any questions and we’ll do our best to answer them. P2P is a fun, caring and loving program. We are excited to help you on your path to success!

We have quarterly orientations for new members of the program and the dates are sent through our emails and published on posters around campus.

You can sign up with us to receive emails about volunteering and social opportunities by emailing our coordinators, Steve Ferreira at and Sai Guo at

Contact the Peer-to-Peer office at 425-564-6045.