Peer-to-Peer fall Volunteer Fair

On Oct. 8, the annual volunteer fair took place in the BC cafeteria. At the fair, businesses and local communities were able to speak to students and faculty about their mission to help the community. The Volunteer Fair gives students a chance to help others, from small children to women both poor and homeless. Local charities, like Birthday Dreams and the Seattle Music Partners Music Mentorship Program, are able to recruit more volunteers.

Many of the tables were covered with local charities’ papers and brochures giving an overview of each charity’s history and mission statement. Those who were tending the stands had the chance to tell students the opportunities that come with volunteering. There were 32 stands, both for profit and nonprofit organizations, placed around the perimeter of the cafeteria. With over 20 volunteers the cafeteria was busy with both students and charity volunteers.

Karina Kawacuchi, Birthday Dream’s volunteer at the fair, stated: “We don’t care how old you are, as long as you come to help us. We want to bring smiles to these young children who have nothing. We provide them a birthday with games and presents tailored to their interests and likes. It’s a joy to see these young children smile.”
Kawacuchi continued, “Without the various volunteers that we get from the different high schools and colleges we get to go to, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thanks to them, we have been able to serve and help young children around the Seattle area.”

The annual Bellevue College Volunteer Fair gives students the chance to take a stand and help others in the community with the constant fight against poverty and homelessness.
Ingrid Hartscole, who works in Goodwill’s volunteer department, stated: “We look for students who are patient and willing, as well as wanting, to help the community. It’s important that we have people with good hearts helping others. Give a little love, and who knows what you’ll get back?”