Phoenix Jones: The Hero we want, but Seattle police hate

Fortune and fame isn’t a priority for Phoenix Jones as he patrols the streets of Seattle. If anything, this masked vigilante is only trying to help and protect citizens.

Utilizing his electric baton and pepper spray, he guards the streets of Seattle, stopping fights and robberies. It was even reported that he prevented an intoxicated man from driving. I mean, wow. This guy seems all right to me, except the SPD has a different opinion.

Charged with four counts of assault on October 9, 2011, Jones was arrested by the SPD. It was reported by the police that Jones assaulted a group of night clubbers walking out of a local club with pepper spray. Luckily for Jones, a journalist and cameraman caught what really happened on tape

Kudos to anyone who carries a video camera, even more so to the people who follow around masked real-life superheroes. The video tells a different story from the SPD.

The video, as recorded by Ryan McNamee, shows a street fight in progress by two groups of clubbers. Within seconds of seeing the confrontation Phoenix Jones sprints towards the scene, hell bent on breaking up the fight.

However things don’t go as planned. The fight stops, but one participant is hit by a runaway car, while the other group begins to assault and batter Jones himself.  The whole ordeal lasts 25 minutes!

Even though the incident was caught on tape and Jones made the phone call, the police still placed him under arrest. So to clarify, the guy breaking up the fight, preventing people from getting hurt and calling the police, ends up going to jail.

Phoenix Jones, I’m sorry, so sorry you have to be the guy who takes the blame. As fictional Police Commissioner Gordon would say, “He’s the hero [Seattle] needs right now. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.”

Officers of the law, why did you arrest the guy who was only trying to help people? It took almost 30 minutes for you guys to respond to a street fight. That can’t be hard to miss.

Look at the facts; it took one guy, on foot, to break up a fight. Half an hour later, cops with cars show up to do their job and arrest the wrong suspect. It seems weird that I feel safer walking in a city with a masked crazy guy then without him.

I say we need him, even if he’s a crazy guy dressed up as a super hero. He helps people, and to see this kind of humanity is rare. He’s risking his life almost every night just to be a hero.

Charged but not convicted, Jones hasn’t made any comment since his arrest and is scheduled to arrive in court in the near future. Did Batman ever get into this much trouble? (Probably.)

Even if you don’t like the guy, even if you think he’s not doing a good job, you have to admit, he’s doing something. So here’s to you Phoenix Jones, stay strong, stay vigilant, and stay brave.