Pink passion: BC girl’s volleyball hosts “Dig for the Cure”

It’s another intense Tuesday practice with the Bellevue College women’s volleyball team. But something is different. The performance bar is high, Head Coach Kim Culliton keeps theam players on their toes, always preparing them for what’s coming around the next bend, large or small. But the team is supporting something not just mentally, but visually. Spectators  won’t have to look hard to see that there’s pink everywhere in support of the women’s breast cancer awareness. Pink is worn proudly and vibrantly in memory of those brave women who have overcome breast cancer,  as well as an effort to help other women who are still fighting. The BC volleyball team has splashed a bit of pink all over campus to increase awareness. Come to the games to support the cause. “Every game we get a chance to have our fans donate at least a dollar for volleyball, we have made signs posted all around campus supporting Dig for a Cure,” Emina Dodic said with the team gathered around.  Everyone quickly thrusted a leg or hand into the circle to reveal pink in almost every shade. “We are wearing pink shoe laces, pink nail polish, pink head bands and pink socks,”  Dodic commented happily. This is important because one in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime. The fatality of breast cancer was 39,522 in 2011, but has decreased since 1990 due to treatment advances.  These advances come from funding and awareness. These women are mothers, daughters, nieces and heroes that can be saved and live their lives all through contribution and greater levels of awareness for proper treatment. Laura Friar talked about how she felt about the teams motivation for breast cancer awareness. “It’s a good thing. My mom had breast cancer. She got through it, so I’m glad we are supporting it as a team and donating money to a good cause,” Friar said with a warm smile. While remembering women breast cancer awareness don’t forget to wear pink and attend the bulldogs last game on Oct. 31 on campus in the G building. It is always good to promote a cause. Through the BC women’s volleyball teams efforts we can proudly say that we are aware and we most definitely care with a pink passion.