Prancing horse vs. raging bull

It’s early evening and a walk to get a bite to eat seemed typical. But it soon would be blown apart by an element that would catch you off guard and run an electric current up your spine. First it sounded so mechanical and so angry like a robot had been awakened from it deep slumber followed by a whir and then the deep angry howl. The wind rushed up behind and it was none other than a Lamborghini Gallardo 550-2 Balboni, an exotic vehicle that would make anyone privileged to see its tangerine glossy paint with that royal red and gold stripe down the middle.

The Gallardo isn’t Lamborghini’s flagship car, however.  That is in fact the Lp-700 Lamborghini Aventador. Have you seen one? This is a car that attracts crowds like a massive hurricane magnet.  In person, the Aventador is more impressive than in photos make you visually realize. Low, aggressive and wide, the Aventador is just as much beauty as it is performance. It has an all new V12 6.5 liter 700 hp engine can vanish in 2.9 seconds, from a standstill and hugs corners harder than Winnie the Pooh hugs a jar of honey. It even has higher praise than its predecessor, the Murcielago.

This makes you wonder what kind of cars the Italian neighbor in Maranello is whipping up these days. Well aside from the V8 570 hp 458 Italia, Ferrari has brewed up an all new V12 GT car called the F12 Berlinetta.  This is the most powerful Ferrari yet to bear the prancing horse and Scuderia symbol.  The looks are masculine and stylish. Meant to be an everyday millionaire cruiser or rip a given road to shreds this is your ultimate Ferrari and a high mark on usability.

But Ferrari has a problem. It’s a head to head with their Rival the raging bull they might be out of their league. The F12 is a mid mounted front engine supercar where as the Aventador is a mid mounted v12 that’s sits lower and it a true corner ace with enough all wheel drive grip to sling shot it around small planets. But Ferrari fires back with a lower weight and higher power figure.

Could this mean Lamborghini is outclassed?

You’d be mistaken but stay tuned for the most extreme battle of Lamborghini vs. Ferrari we have seen yet.