Preseason Football!

Good luck to our Hawks this season!
Good luck to our Hawks this season!

The football drama that swept the city of Seattle bas barely settled down but is ready to rear its head once again in the form of the preseason. That’s right, Seahawk fans can start lining up now at ticket dealers to once engage in football madness.

Actually the first Seahawks preseason will not be until August 11th where they will be playing the Chargers in San Diego. But websites such as ticket city are already advertising the preseason for both the AFC and NFC divisions of the NFL.

Tickets for the first Seahawks game of the season are relatively cheap ranging between $20 to $35. Compare this to the prices of $43 to $154 for the first official Seahawks game and you will see why fans get so worked up about the preseason. The Seahawks will be playing four games during the preseason: Chargers in San Diego, Vikings in Seattle, Broncos in Denver, and Raiders in Seattle. The preseason will be divided in two with about a month between each mini-series. The first duo of preseason games will be Chargers and Vikings in August while Broncos and Raiders will take place in September.

The winners of last year’s Superbowl, the Green Bay Packers, will be starting their preseason out by playing the Cardinals in Cleveland. Although the tickets have not been finalized and there is no pricing information for that game, Packers vs. Colts for the second part of the preseason has already been posted with tickets priced up to fifty dollars.

But how fares the Steelers (booooooooooo)? Eagles vs. Steelers in the second game of the first half of the preseason from $175 to $795? No folks, your eyes do you deceive you. Nearly eight hundred dollars for a preseason game if you want good seats to watch the nicknamed, “Crooks of the NFL.” The best part of the game would be to see the Eagles destroy them.

The New England Patriot games have been set but the ticket information has not been established yet. They are still negotiating how much they should charge people to bask in Tom Brady’s goodness.

What about Barack Obama’s team, the Chicago Bears? The first preseason game against the Bills in Buffalo has been slated to be around twenty two dollars but the second game of the first half of the preseason against the Giants at East Rutherford is priced at $135. Just goes to show the NFL’s faith in the Buffalo Bills.

The preseason is arguably more exciting than the regular season in that it lays the ground work for speculation as to what will happen during the regular season. Of course the fans expect the Packers, being defending champions, to win easily but what if they did not? Or what if mighty New England was taken down by some mid-card team like the Lions? The drama actually starts when the unexpected happens during the preseason. For some teams, the preseason makes or breaks the ability of the team to keep their morale up.

This is why, as fans, you should start cheering your team on early. It is never too late to buy tickets and Jerseys and wish the players the best of luck. If Seattleites are more supportive, not only might the Seahawks have a better regular season, but they might even see the post season again.