Preview: Men’s basketball team jumps off with a new season

bballThumbWithin 10 years of Coach Jeremy Eggers’ supervision, the Bulldogs men’s basketball team qualified for the playoffs eight times as well as  being the only team in the Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges to enter the playoffs seven years in a row. Last year was the first time in nine years that the men’s basketball team did not make it to the playoffs.

Injuries were a factor to that loss.

“Last year we suffered some injuries in some key positions that we didn’t have depth in,” said Eggers. However, they are looking foward to bounce back, coming out of the slump with new additions to the squad.

Bellevue College was honored to have held eight college teams in the preseason scrimmages in the BC gym. The Bulldogs were off to a good start winning all three scrimmages against Green River, Tacoma and Grays Harbor. Things are looking up for the Bulldogs, especially since they acquired Austin O’Keefe who red-shirted last year and is now in the starting lineup. In addition to O’Keefe, three  returning sophomores and a couple others are key pieces needed to complete the puzzle and provide death to their overall game.

According to Eggers, the winning factor is consistency. “We got to play hard every night, sometimes we take days off and possessions off. We cannot afford to do that.       Our team is talented but the whole league is talented, so we [have] got to play hard every night, and the most important thing right now is consistently playing hard,” Eggers said.

The men’s basketball team is a very young, athletic and talented team. They have all the elements to win, all they need now is guidance from a teammate who should be able to step up and take the role of the leader. Reggie Clinton, a guard from Kennewick, seems to have embraced that role and has  earned respect from his teammates. “He has been our leader. Works hard all the time, doing everything on time, and work ethic, he is really respected for that. He stands out being a lone leader and right now doing a great job,” said Eggers.

Let’s hope that this good run keeps going as they [end] the preseason, and kick off the new season. With a healthy group rallying behind the leadership of Reggie Clinton and the experience of Eggers, the Bulldog’s future looks bright.