Preview: Spring Awakening at BC.

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“Frank Wedekind in 1891—a German playwright—wrote a very controversial play called Spring Awakening” said Tammi Doyle, theater department faculty head and director of BC’s play this quarter, Spring Awakening.

“In 2004 after a five year process of work-shopping, Steven Sater and Duncan Sheik had taken the play and turned it into a musical.

What they decided was that the plays, the characters, would live in 1891 provincial Germany, but that their inner lives (as apposed to musicals as we know them today where songs further the actions) — these songs would only exist in the characters minds and souls.

“And so they are rock songs,” said Doyle. Rated for a mature audience, Spring Awakening holds fast to a number of controversial issues and societal positions.

Banned in Germany because of the outward portrayal of sexuality, abuse, suicide, exploration, discovery and maturity in the Wedekind original, Spring Awakening has been shocking and astounding audiences ever since it’s birth. With the musical remake as well, the play has garnered even more attention and praise, winning eight Tony Awards for best musical, direction, score and many more awards.

“It’s interesting how wonderfully modern the show is, because the characters are dealing with homosexuality, parental pressure, expectations—it’s everything we deal with now” said Doyle.

BC gave it their all to bring this Broadway success to limelight at the Stop Gap theater on campus. Besides director Doyle, the production had it’s own musical director, Sara Hanson, choreographer Eva Stone, lighting designer Peter Bracilano (who is bringing an extensive rock flare to the production), costume designer Anastasia Armes, set designer and tech director Scott Shaver, sound engineer Troy Tompkins, stage manager Fiona Murray and a student in the theater department along with fellow students involved; fight director Fred Tse and props manager Jenn Weiser, as well as the performing arts coordinator Lyneen Patnoe.

Cast are, respectively, Danny Lacker (starring), Jaron Kaplan-Parr, Michael Lacker, Jamie Tinney, Tyler Sawers, James Webster, Curtis Gehlhausen, Blaine Taylor, Elise Swanson, Danika Drake, Hannah Coleman, Jessica Kindred, Abbie Grimstad, Tamaki Kern, Maddie Dugan, and Logan Wilgus.

Come see this amazing show May 24-26, 30-31, and June 1-2 inside Stop Gap Studio Theater. Doors open at 7, the show begins at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $12 for the general public, $10 for students. If you have any questions call (425) 564-3114 and you can buy tickets online at or at the door!