Proof that the Illuminati actually exists

For a long time, conspiracy theories have been used to explain the unexplainable, and justify the unjustifiable. Some of these actually turn out to be true. Most have heard of the Illuminati. The Illuminati is the conspiracy theory of all conspiracy theories. It’s the most talked-about conspiracy of the 2000s. Not everyone is clear on what it is, or why it matters, or whether it’s real. Here are some of the facts I have investigated.
The Illuminati have been around since May of 1776. Founded by German philosopher Adam Weishaupt, a group of about five people began a secret society “who opposed the Roman Catholic Church’s power over science and philosophy, and who sought to free themselves from the church and restrictions of the government,” according to Complex. This occurred during the Age of Enlightenment, so they intended to enlighten people about superstitions and prejudices.
People soon found out about the not so secret society, and believed they were behind the French Revolution and were scoping out governments to take down. The Illuminati grew to have thousands of members, who were recruited by Freemason lodges and other European countries. Secret societies were then outlawed around that time, bringing about what some people consider to be the end of the Illuminati.
However, there is evidence proving that the modern Illuminati exists. It started up again in the 1960s. “An era of counter-culture mania, LSD and interest in Eastern philosophy is largely responsible for the group’s (totally unsubstantiated) modern incarnation,” according to BBC. “It all began somewhere amid the Summer of Love and the hippie phenomenon, when a small, printed text emerged: Principia Discordia,” the article states. The text Principia Discordia was simply a book describing the Discordian society and Eris, its goddess of chaos and disorder.
“The text itself never amounted to anything more than a counter-culture curiosity, but one of the tenets of the faith – that such miscreant activities could bring about social change and force individuals to question the parameters of reality – was immortalised by one writer, Robert Anton Wilson,” BBC writes.
Today, the Illuminati is proven real mostly in the actions of celebrities. For example, celebrities like Beyonce, Kanye West, LeBron James and Jay-Z have been photographed multiple times making a triangle shape with their hands, which is the commonly known symbol of the Illuminati. Jay-Z is also friends with the fourth richest person on the planet, Warren Buffett, who would be one of the most likely members of the organization. He was also seen making a triangle with his hands, a clear reference to the secret society.
The Illuminati’s presence is often hidden in plain sight. Logos are a common place for spotting Illuminati references. The CBS logo’s similarity to the eye symbol commonly associated with the Illuminati is uncanny. Apparently, William Golden, the designer of the CBS logo, was inspired by Pennsylvanian versions of the all-seeing eye, as they believe it is able to ward off evil.
Another common medium for Illuminati influence is in music videos. Illuminati members view music as a great tool to spread influence to the unknowing masses. With the growing popularity of music videos, it has become easier for members of the Illuminati to embed subliminal messages and symbols. For example, according to Be Amazed, in Lady Gaga’s music video for her song Judas, she flaunts the Eye of Horus, a symbol commonly associated with the Illuminati.
Illuminati references can be spotted in famous architecture and buildings, such as the Washington Monument, which was built in honor of George Washington. The monument has lots of similarities to an Obelisk: a prominent symbol of both the Illuminati and the Freemasons. Illuminati connections can also be spotted on the United States capitol building. It may not be obvious at first, but thanks to Google Earth, one can access an aerial view of the landscape and fields around the capitol building, which strangely resembles an owl, yet another symbol connected to the organization.
Despite common misconceptions that the Illuminati is a fake conspiracy theory, there is endless proof that the secret society still exists in the modern world. Connections to the organization are everywhere. On the internet, on TV, even in everyday life, all anyone has to do is open their eyes to reality and the truth will be revealed to them.