Regular soda vs Diet soda


Regular soda or diet soda; which one? This is something that I’ve always asked myself, I love Coke but can never decide which to get, regular or diet.
Diet soda has artificial sweeteners which make the soda taste sweet, but have no calories. Regular soda, on the other hand, has sugar and its calories. So which should you choose? Of course, the diet soda with no calories.
No, actually. After all of the research done by medical organizations, it has been proven that regular soda reacts better with our bodies compared to diet soda. The sweeteners aspartame and splenda actually have a fattening effect. Crazy, I know.
Not only that, but artificial sugars are addictive. Our bodies start to crave the artificial sugar and keep us wanting more! That is why you think you need more soda when you actually want the artificial sugars.
When you think about it as a whole, do you realize that all that time trying to lose weight by drinking diet soda actually did the opposite and made you gain weight? That’s pretty depressing in my eyes. There really is no way to diet other than watching what you eat, exercising, and getting a lot of sleep.
The reason why all these companies create a “diet” drink is because it serves as advertising to help increase sales. It is true that when they say “no calories” that the drink really has no calories, but that doesn’t mean that it helps you lose weight. The soda companies should not call it “diet” because it is a lie that it is helping a person’s health.
All in all, regular soda is what you should reach for when you go to get soda, but you should know that there are other drinks that can be better for your health in the same aisle, such as fruit juices and, of course, water.
In the end, of course, you don’t want to be drinking soda because there is no benefit in consumption of soda. If you do plan on drinking soda, then go for regular!