Sad Day for True Seattlelites

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Seattle’s Seahawks traveled to Denver’s INVESCO field just to be hammered by the Broncos 31-14, placing a loss on Seattle’s record.

Seahawks won the coin toss and chose to receive, only to lose the ball on first drive by an interception by Denver. Walter Thormond punted toward Seahawk’s 13-yard line, resulting in a quick first touchdown for Denver in the first quarter.

Despite D. Thomas’s left foot injury which caused Thomas to miss preseason and opener, he made his debut by shaking cornerback Kelly Jennings and catching K. Orton’s 21-yard touchdown pass. “I’m just happy to be back and help my team out” said Thomas.

It was just a bad day for Seahawks QB Matt Hasslebeck. Hasslebeck overthrows pass to Deion Brach, picked off by Champ Bailey ruining Seattle’s open drive for a touchdown. As Matt leads his team into Denver turf he is intercepted by Broncos at the 9-yard line. Denver’s tyranny does not stop there. Pass interference penalty by Marcus Trufant towards Denver causes a 80-yard touchdown. Turn over after turn over. Seattle began to show signs of failure when they drove into Denver’s 4, 7, 9, and 19-yard line just to turn the ball over.

“I was having a tough time getting a grip on the ball” Hasslebeck explains.

Hasslebeck finishes game with 233-yards, 20 for 35 followed by a humiliating interception by Denver’s rookie Perrish Cox. Hasslebeck threw interceptions, but managed to run a touchdown.

During the third quarter Seattle finally started to show signs of what their fans came to see. Forcing Denver to punt, allowing Hasslebeck to score a 22-yard touchdown. But hope drained once Broncos made a comeback touchdown changing the scoreboard to 31-7.

Denver’s Broncos take the spotlight with K. Orton’s 307 yards and two touchdowns. K. Moreno’s 24-yard carry , and one touchdown, followed by D. Thomas’s 8 receives, 97 yards and one touchdown.

Hopefully our home team does better this week against San Diego’s Chargers.

Game Facts:

First Quarter: Kyle Orton 13-yard pass, touchdown by Eddie Royal. (SEA: 0 – DEN 7)

Second Quarter: 1-yard run touchdown by Correll Buckhalter and Matt Prater 20-yard FG. (SEA: 0 – DEN 17)

Third Quarter: Matt Hasslebeck 11-yard pass, touchdown by Ben Obomanu. Knowshon Moreno 1-yard run. (SEA: 7 – DEN 24)

Fourth Quarter: Kyle Orton 21-yard pass, touchdown by Demaryius Thomas. Matt Hasslebeck 20-yard run. (SEA: 14 – DEN 31)