SAMI grant accepting applications

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The SAMI@ BC Student Project Grant is for all Bellevue College student clubs who can “write for up to $2000 of materials or equipment which must be purchased through SAMI or the faculty adviser,” said Jennifer Pang, Director of the Science Division, “All the grants must be related to either conducting research or doing science outreach in the form of small activites.” There are five awards available for all BC student clubs.

According to Pang, the SAMI Grant was originally open only to the clubs in the Science Division, but this year, the Science Division has decided to open the award to all student clubs on campus. “I’d love it if some of the non-science clubs would apply and do science activities when they go out into the community,” said Pang. The award is intended for clubs only. Individuals are not allowed to apply.

The Science and Math Institute of Bellevue College is the main sponsor of the SAMI Grant. “We run all of the science outreach at the college, including the popular Science Café series that we put on with the MCS,” said Pang, “The SAMI Student Project Grant is another way we want to encourage students to be excited about science.”

The paperwork to apply for the Grant is due on Nov. 24, either by scanning and emailing the application or by dropping it off to Jennifer Pang of the Science Division at L200. “Applications will be reviewed by faculty, who will determine the grant winner(s) and the grant amount that will be awarded to each winner. Through this grant program, SAMI@BC will award up to a total of $6000 in the 2014-15 school year to fund student club projects related to science and math.”

According to the SAMI@ BC homepage, “In addition to the materials, winners will have their projects on the SAMI@ BC website. This is a great opportunity for students to showcase their work to the community.” Winners will be announced by Jan. 5, 2015.

“So far I’ve only heard from the SACNAS.  But any BC club members are welcome to email me or come by my office in L200Y and talk to me about ideas they have or if I have any suggestions for them. I’m friendly,” said Pang.

“The purpose of the SAMI@BC Student Project Grant Competition is to support BC students with an interest in research and collaboration, as well as to encourage them to engage with the community. We also hope that this competition will help student clubs promote awareness of their organizations to attract new members and encourage active participation in extra-curricular science,” said the Science Division.