Sarah Palin runs for ASG president in fall elections

Sarah Palin is enrolling at the College spring quarter 2009. She will be attending the Associated Student Government fall elections for presidency.

The fall elections start on April 28 with an ASG barbecue here on campus. The applicants will then give their speeches, and the election will be held through May 7.

There are twelve paid job positions open, including: ASG President; VP of Equity and Pluralism; VP of Finance and Communication; the Chief
of Justice; Clubs and Programs Representative; Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurial Representative; Director of Legislative Affairs; Assistant Director of Legislative Affairs; Marketing and Public Relations Representative; Environmental and Social Responsibility Representative; Associate Justice of Internal Affairs; and the Associate Justice of External Affairs.

The applications can be picked up in the ASG office or online at

Palin discussed how she would like to ‘make a difference’ and advance the College campus. Palin believes that if she were elected, not just as a part of the Associated Student Government, but as their president, she would be able to make the changes the
people need on campus.

Originally Palin enrolled for the four year interior design degree and hopes to start a new club that will be raising awareness of the negative effects of sex ed classes in schools. She is also interested in being a part of the archery classes provided on campus in order to sharpen her hunting skills. Palin encountered obstacles when forming the club and searched the ASG for answers. When she found about the job opening for president, she knew it was right up her alley.

The ASG has raised concerns about the possibility of a Sarah Palin wardrobe budget. Palin promises that the money raised for ASG from fundraisers will not be associated with her own personal line of ASG attire.

The application for president states that the job summary for the ASG President is to be responsible for the leadership and guidance of the ASG. He or She is the Chief Diplomat of the ASG and often work closely with the different constituents around the state and nation. ASG Board
of Directors report directly to the ASG President. They also work closely with BCC administration and statewide leadership to advocate on behalf of students. Sarah Palin made history on December 4 2006 when she took office as the youngest governor in Alaskan history at 42 years of age, and the first woman to do so. During the 2008 presidential campaign, she became the first Alaskan and the first woman to be nominated for vice president by the Republican Party. Palin hopes to keep the history-making alive as she strives to stir things up at BCC.