Say ho-ho: BC’s Holiday Pottery Sale

On Nov. 29 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Bellevue College is putting on a Holiday Pottery Sale in room C-210. This annual event is held to help raise funds for the ceramics program here at BC. Although not all of these ceramics will be specifically holiday themed, each will have its own “personality” depending on the artist.

The artists making the pottery masterpieces will be current and alumni students from BC. Other guests also have been invited to this event to join in on the holiday cheer and celebration of creativity.

Karen Eaves, the director of this event that has been going on for numerous years, stating, “We hold this sale to help raise funds for the ceramics program at BC. Most of the pottery is not holiday based. This year there will be work from 15 different ceramic artists.

A few are advanced students from the college but most are friends of this program.

Examples of work available include: cups, bowls, plates, sushi platters, teapots, tiles, sculptural pieces, some alternative firing techniques (raku, sawdust, and horsehair), etc. Every year brings new surprises. Prices range from $1 to over $50 depending upon the complexity of the piece.

’Tis the season to get crafty so don’t miss out on experiencing BC’s ceramic pottery sale. It may just be the perfect gift idea for a family member, friend and even a loved one. Contributing to this event benefits not only said students for their holiday shopping list this year, but also donates to the ceramic program.

The hand-crafted ceramics come from an assortment of ideas from the BC  students who put forth much effort to making very valuable pieces. Art here at BC is an important aspect of the college.

The BC community is very excited for this event. Erin Hoffman, a student here at BC said, “I am so excited  to purchase something from BC’s holiday pottery sale. I really wanted to give unique gifts to my family this year, and I am glad that BC is making this convenient for my holiday shopping.”

Hoffman’s sentiments were echoed by Alex Clark, another student here at BC, who stated, “I think pottery is a great use for holiday gift ideas and it is not only a practical gift along with just looking plain awesome.”

Kyle Hiebert added  that “Yeah, I really love pottery, it makes fantastic home decor, and is great for putting flowers in.”

Many students here are thrilled about the idea of there being a pottery sale here on campus, so don’t miss out on this great oppourtuinty.