Seafth Howe: New dog on the mound

Seafth Howe is an 18-year-old pitcher for the Bellevue College baseball team. He is a freshman who is still deciding on his major. “I don’t know man, I know that I want to play for a division one school after I graduate from here,” he said.

However, his path here was marked by excellence. He lettered three years at Archbishop Murphy High School. As a senior, he went 12 – 0, with a dominating 1.12 ERA. He was also named the All-Cascade 2A pitcher, and First Team All-State Pitcher.
Howe describes himself as an outgoing person who, like everyone else on the team, gets along very well with everyone. The pitcher says, “This team is very close; we are all friends on and off the field.”

Howe has been into baseball since he was six years old. From playing the little leagues and high school, to playing currently for our Bulldogs, he has always had a great love for winning. “What I have always loved about this game is winning it. That and the camaraderie you get on the team and playing the game with your friends” he said.

His proudest moment playing for Bellevue College came against Douglas Community College, a team up north in Canada.

With the bases loaded and two outs already, he was faced with a very tough predicament: either making or breaking the game.

Howe struck out his opposition, winning the game.

This school seems to be a perfect fit for Howe. “Yeah, [at] this school the attitude is really great. Everybody gets along very well and that makes such a big difference on the game and the overall experience,” said the pitcher.

Having recently made the transition from high school to college ball he is faced with tougher opposition. “The hardest challenge I have faced so far is better hitters. The hitters now are all way better than in high school. They’re on a whole different level.”

So far this year, Howe, in 25 innings pitched, has a 4 – 1 record, with two saves and a 2.88 ERA.

To see Howe improve his game and strike out more batters check out the Bulldogs at one of their games. Their games are listed on the Bellevue College website.