Seattle Seahawks preview: Big injuries, big problems?

By now everybody and their mother knows that the Seahawks are a big team to watch this season. What people may not see, is that the Seahawks are doing this without some of their biggest players on the roster.

Going into the season, everybody saw the true potential of this team with a strong wide receiver core, unbeatable running game and the best secondary in the game with the Legion of Boom. The Seahawks became favorites for going to the Superbowl. However, the team has had some big injuries that have kept the team from realizing their potential.

The main one was wide receiver Percy Harvin. Harvin got a hip injury in practice which required surgery before the season started. The Hawks acquired Harvin from the Vikings in the off-season. This was widely considered to be one of the biggest moves in the NFL during the off-season. Harvin is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. However, his playing time last year was cut short from another injury ironically against the ‘Seahawks.’ Harvin came in to boost the wide receiving core as the main job, but he also has experience as a running back and a punt/kick returner. There is no doubt that Harvin’s return will greatly help the Seahawk’s offense. With his return in near sight, the team will be that much closer to seeing their full potential.

Another big player that was cut down was the left tackle Russell Okung. Okung was hurt during a game against division rival San Francisco 49ers where he tore a ligament in his left big toe. Not having Okung on the offensive line, the team has had to scramble around with their bench to find a replacement.

However the replacements they have used have not shown the level of skill that Okung brings to the table. This injury dominoes with a weak offensive line that forces our quarterback Russell Wilson to make more decisions faster.

When the Hawks get Okung back, the passing offense will get that much stronger because it will allow Wilson more time to make decisions to execute better plays. Okung was injured in week two of the season with a recovery time of 6-8 so he should be back on the team within about four weeks. The team will be thankful to get Okung back as fast as they can.

There have been other less severe injuries on the team. Some of these include tight end Zach Miller who is close to returning, offensive Tackle Breno Giacomini who is also close to returning and linebacker Bobby Wagner who is close to returning, the big question is if the Seahawks can survive in the standings until they are healthy.

Right now they are first in the NFC west division with a 5-1-0 record. They look like a strong team even without some of their best players. If they can work past the next few weeks until they get back Harvin and Okung, the Seahawks will be in great standing to not only make the playoffs, but to make it to the Superbowl with a possible victory.