Secret perks of being Yelp elite

What’s it really like to become a Yelp elite member? It’s not just about the secret underground parties that require a password, or a bunch of hipsters who walk around reviewing everything from the corner coffee shop to the taco truck. It’s more like an awesome bunch of folks who tell it like it is and want others to know important information before going into any establishment. Not quite like a spoiler but more like wise advice.

Being a Yelp elite member with badges on a personalized profile page shows off more than just how awesome that reviewer is; it also helps readers know who is a valid reviewer. There are tons of reviewers out there who don’t write but should. No, reviewers don’t get paid in cash for their reviews, but the invitations to parties and goodie bags will make anyone with a story want to write a review right now.

In some ways, Yelp can be bad for businesses. Businesses get a ranking, based upon their reviews, in stars. Everyone knows how this goes: The more stars the better, the more reviews the higher that business is on the Yelp pages. If a business gets featured because there were lots of reviews written about that business, then a spot opens up for them on top of the Yelp home page as a featured place.

The badges on an elite reviewer’s profile page indicate how long they’ve been writing reviews. A lot of times when a review is written and the business owner notices, the reviewer can sometimes get an email from them with a thank you, or an email that says, “Sorry we were not up to your expectations, but if you give us a second chance we can make you happy.” Never rewrite a review, though, becausethe first impression is the best impression, and that is what reviewers should write about.

What are the perks of being an elite member? The parties. There are so many good ones, too; all of them free, and rarely are the elite allowed to bring guests with them. But that is okay, because meeting other elites at these parties is what socializing is all about, isn’t it? Some of the events that Yelp has held for their elite members include a barre3 class, music and drinks at local bars (while the place gets shut down or partially closed off for the rest of us), boxing classes, an ice cream sampling event at a well-known spot, a party in Portland and so much more.

It pays to be an elite member. Anyone can join, so go sign up on and start writing. Don’t worry about being too specific, but get involved and get in on the action, because everyone wants to know what others think.