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It is okay to quit your job

February 26, 2019 0

My first job was working a cash register at a well-known department store. I was freshly out of high school, terrified of interviews and trying to find something to put […]

Coping with midterm stress

February 18, 2019 0

Midterms are here, and with them comes the student stress. Students are faced with multiple tests that they are expected to study for all at once. This stress, however, could […]

The Super Bowl: More than a game

February 12, 2019 0

The Super Bowl is more than just America’s most watched sporting event. Super Bowl Sunday is a landmark of American culture and has become more important than the game itself, […]

Government shutdown: What happened?

February 3, 2019 0

The 2019 government shutdown was an absolute mess. This clearly partisan debate that should have remained in Congress was put onto the American public. To break it down, a government […]

Bellevue College’s toilets are crappy

February 2, 2019 0

Public restrooms are not known for being clean places. Bellevue College’s bathrooms are no exception in this regard. The toilets are everything from new and shiny to slightly dingy to […]

The problem with rising textbook prices

January 28, 2019 0

Simply put, college students are paying far too much for their textbooks. Textbooks continue to get more expensive.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, textbook costs rose 67% from […]

Our educators need more support

January 28, 2019 0

We want educators to properly equip their students with the skills and resources that will help them forge a path for their future. Educators need funds to show students how; […]

Mental illness is not a trend

January 11, 2019 0

Being mentally ill is not trendy. Whether you are using #OCD or overusing ‘triggered’ in YouTube comments, throwing those words around hurts those who want and need help. It makes […]

The government shutdown needs to end

January 11, 2019 0

As of Friday Jan. 11, 2019, the United States government had been partially shut down for 21 days, tying the longest shutdown in U.S. history. Previously, the longest shut down […]

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