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Hey Jindal, stop playing dirty

April 7, 2009 0

Bobby Jindal, the up and coming Republican governor of Louisiana, recently defended members of his party who say they want Obama to fail. These opposers claim the president is jeopardizing […]

Editor’s Letter

April 6, 2009 0

Hi Everyone, “To everything there is a season.” I learned that from The Byrds. This year, still in it’s prime, has brought unprecedented obstacles and monumental promise to us as […]

The Whole World is a…Um…Toilet?

April 1, 2009 0

Public urination is not often a topic of discussion for most people. In fact, any attempted debate on the subject seems to be an open-and-closed matter, concluded with a resounding […]

The Oscars: through international eyes

March 2, 2009 0

By Alina Faustman. If you missed the 2009 Academy Awards then here’s your quick-fix on this years Oscar buzz. The Oscars had many surprises that made the show more upbeat […]

Left, right and then left again

March 2, 2009 0

By Jamie Johnson. It’s a rare, beautiful sunny day in Bellevue and you’re on your way to class when all of the sudden, while crossing the road, bang! you get […]

Letter to the Editor

March 2, 2009 0

To The Editor,I’m writing this in response to “ASG funds Black History Month dance” article on February 18, 2009. In the article by Brook Stallings, it was stated that the […]

Letter to the Editor:

February 13, 2009 0

The author requested that, due to the sensitive nature of this letter, they remain anonymous. I was very grateful to see that Brook Stallings had addressed the issue of mental […]

Letter to the Editor

February 2, 2009 0

To the Editor:I want to express my opinion over the article in the January 27th issue and correct a statement that was written about what the ASG Legislative Committee and […]

What is that ink under your skin?

January 27, 2009 0

By Brittany Butterfield. The word “tattoo” originates from the Tahitian word “tattau,” which means “to mark.” Tattoos have been practiced worldwide: those in tribes, and more widely recognized are tattoos […]

Twenty-two and out of the loop

January 27, 2009 0

By Stephen King. As we all know, the current economic climate is making it harder and harder to find a job. What’s even more disconcerting is the fact that people […]

Who’s watching the watchers?

January 20, 2009 0

By Elizabeth Ballinger. If the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) police officer charged a few days ago with the New Year’s Eve murder of 22-year-old Oscar Grant is found guilty, […]

Take it easy Mozart

January 20, 2009 0

By Brook Stallings.Pianos. Not many people here at BCC know this about me, but I am a classically-trained singer, and a damn good one, too. No, really, I’m serious. I’ve […]

Oh, family and the holidays

January 12, 2009 0

By Brook Stallings. Everyone knows the holidays are about family. Many of us don’t like to admit that family is the most stressful part of the holidays as well. I […]

Editor’s Letter

January 12, 2009 0

By Adam Magnoni. Greetings Bulldogs, This, our second week of the winter ’09 quarter, is off to a chilly start. I hope you didn’t get caught stuck in that book […]

Editor’s Letter: Welcome Back

January 5, 2009 0

By Adam Magnoni – Editor-in-ChiefHere we go, another quarter at BCC. Or should I say BC as we are now Bellevue College. It is a great thing, this new quarter. […]

Is there life after The Jibsheet?

December 2, 2008 0

By Emma Sargeant. One word. Maybe. Ridiculous attitudes of pretentious opinions and careless living. Perhaps submissive fall toward habit and the neverending hunger for success and more? No.

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