Self-Defense Club at BC

self defense graphicIn recent news, shootings have been decorating the media and bringing up the debate of how to protect the general public from guns with guns. The Self-Defense Club at Bellevue College has been created in response, advocating students to defend themselves without the weapons. It’s still in the works, but the program is on the way to becoming another addition to the numerous clubs offered at BC.

BC offers an Occupational Life Skills course in Self- Defense for Mind and Body as a one-credit course, but Simon Kim, the creator and potential director of Self-Defense Club, plans to use his knowledge of hand-to-hand self defense to educate others. As an instructor in Tae Kwon Do with experience in several different types of Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Boxing and Jujitsu, Simon hopes to create this club “to make a club so others can protect themselves,” he said in an email interview. He would like to emphasize that “this is not a part of the Physical Education courses [at BC], but since physical contact is not allowed on campus, the place for the club is not yet decided.” He has attempted at having the club advisor be Kenneth Wright, the instructor for Self-Defense for Mind and Body course at BC, but confirmation on that has yet to be established.

Times and dates are also up for discussion and have yet to be assigned. A list of potential members has also been sent in for those interested. Though there aren’t concrete details on the logistics of Self-Defense Club at BC, please contact Simon Kim at for more information. He is in charge of all the organizations of the club. The club adviser, Beth Luzzi, is also open to any questions if Simon is  unavailable.