Send Bieber back to the motherland!

JUSTINBEIBERRRRthumb  Each and every day the world grows just a little bit more. More successful, more creative and more advanced. Technology is also growing every minute of every day making access to an infinite supply of information quite literally a click away.

In its short twenty-five years of life the World Wide Web has become a necessity in the lives of today’s youth, adults, business men and women, students, teachers – the list goes on and on including our two-year-old toddlers who learn to use an iPad before they learn basic shapes and colors.

With the Internet becoming such a prominent factor in our day to day lives it should not come as a big surprise that people can do more and more online. Filing taxes, checking bank statements and downloading and reading books are just some of the productive things a person can do with their time on the Internet.

Even governmental agencies are getting involved in the ease of access the web provides. “We the People” is a way that the White House website makes it easier for the American people to participate in government and be heard. For the past three years “We the People” has allowed anyone with an account to make a petition and have it on the site for others to sign via the Internet. Since its inception in 2011, the website has grown to over 10 million users and is growing each day.

Gone are the days of paper- and pen-carrying passionate citizens who strive to make a difference. With this new advancement in the power of our amendments, all a person has to do is share a petition link on Facebook, Twitter, or any form of social media and with the right amount of signatures within 30 days, the government is forced to review it.

Although there are many petitions which hold real and reasonable requests by concerned citizens such as the petition that asked to re-establish and maintain the separation between investment banks and commercial banks, there are a few however that are less than serious.

With the drama and chaos that surrounds the life of Canadian-born Justin Bieber it seems as though the illicit drug use and arrest were the final straw to push the good people of America over the edge. After his most troubling headline of driving under the influence, Bieber attempted to return to Canada. Unfortunately for him a DUI in our friendly northern neighboring country is a felony causing Canada to refuse Bieber re-entry.

With this knowledge the concerned American citizens used “We the People” in order to create a petition asking the government to deport Justin Bieber and revoke his green card. At the end of its 30 day time limit the petition gained over the needed 100,000 signatures and people are still adding to the petition reaching 267,008.

This means that the government must review and respond to this petition. The people of America patiently await your response,