Skating into BC’s 50th

With January marking Bellevue College’s 50th anniversary, members of BC’s Institutional Advancement are preparing to hold several events this year to commemorate the celebration. Through these anniversary events, Project Manager Heather Komac, with the help of IA and BC’s Foundation hope to get BC’s community involved.

One of these events was an ice skating rink set up outside of theatre on Jan. 13. Aside from being an event to celebrate BC’s birthday, the ice skating rink, sponsored by Artificial Ice Events, was the kickoff for future 50th anniversary events. Peer-to-Peer volunteers gave out free hot chocolate and s’mores and the first 50 students who participated received a free BC tumbler.

President Dave Rule and Brutus the Bulldog pose with student.
President Dave Rule and Brutus the Bulldog pose with student.

Aside from the 50th anniversary celebrations, IA has a few goals for the upcoming year. BC is already one of the largest schools in the state, but a major focus is to have the school recognized nationally as a college of choice. Since the introduction of four year degrees, the school is also seeking recognition in the upcoming years as a successful hybrid.

The instant ice rink was open to all of Bellevue, which is just the beginning of realizing the goal of community engagement. The ice skating was dedicated to “increasing community awareness,” said Komac, “We want people to feel a sense of pride and say, ‘you know what, I am a bulldog, I go to Bellevue College and I am proud and excited about my school.’”

Students enjoyed free hot chocolate and s’mores.
Students enjoyed free hot chocolate and s’mores at the rink.

As BC continues to grow in the coming years, Vice President of Institutional Advancement Gayle Barge hopes to accomplish a few goals. She plans on “strengthening the BC brand while utilizing a multi-faceted advancement and media campaign, developing and formalizing an alumni organization, broadening constituent engagement with the college and developing an overall case statement for the BC Foundation with a comprehensive fundraising strategy anchored to core institutional priorities.” The Foundation’s “We are BC” campaign will also promote these goals, according to Barge.

Though these plans are still being designed, Barge is hopeful for the future. “We are building upon a half-century of excellence with a focus on preparing our students to be global leaders and opinion influencers,” said Barge.