Snobby McSnobbery

Another typical day at Bellevue College, however typical that may be; However, an element is about to crash our education party. Snobby McSnobbery has just arrived.

I ask you, students of Bellevue College, have you ever encountered this element here on campus? You may have detracting from who we are, and our entire college experience. Who we may meet in the cafeteria or what we may learn from a new group study. For McSnobbery, this can never be. Because if you aren’t wearing the latest, the best, and the biggest… If you aren’t driving a Ferrari 458 Italia on the weekends and have your own butler, McSnobbery won’t hear a word.

When you came to Bellevue College, was your first thought; “This shirt is so 2010” or “This shampoo makes me look like I have a bald spot?”

If you answered no, then neither did I. I was more concerned with my college plans, and how I will interact with people on a whole new level.

If you answered yes, McSnobbery doesn’t want to learn any other languages. It laughs at the clubs and many students studying.