Softball Demolition, Bulldogs with Overwhelming Victories

We are Super Exceptional

It was a quaint sunny day on April 26th down at the Northwest BC softball field. Visiting team, Edmonds Community College, was locking horns with the Lady Bulldogs in a competitive game softball which resulted in an overwhelming victory for the Bulldogs in this two part mini-series.

The first inning was a clear indicator of things to come as the Bulldogs scored two points while Edmonds did not even get a run. Bulldog number 5, Danielle Orvella, was the pitcher and locked Edmonds down the entire game; not allowing the opposition to even make a single run. Up to pitch for Edmonds was number 18, Tori Gonzalez.

Edmonds showed no further improvement at the top of second inning as three players stepped up to the plate and three players went out. This marked the end for Edmonds.

First up to bat for BC at the bottom of second was number 3, Nellie Root. Root drove a hard ground ball into center field into the hands of number 9, Kayley Kees, who actually butterfingered the ball and dropped it. Number 12, Nicole Rogers, got four balls and walked. Number 6, Rachel Tingley, hits a ground ball to short stop and got a single. Bases are loaded. Number 10, Tobey Varney, got a hit but the pitcher recovered the ball and threw it home before Root is able to score but number 31, Rogin Hardy, hits a redeeming hard ground ball into deep centerfield, allowing both Rogers and Tingley to score. The score is 4-0. Frustration began to show for Gonzalez who inadvertently hits number 7, Kristen Allen, in the head with the ball, resulting in a walk. Number 18, Haylee Baker, slid one over to short stop, allowing Varney to score but a quick throw to third base got Hardy out. Number 15, Emily Guluarte, hits a double to center and baker ran from second to home. Number 4, Emily Squiers, got four balls and walked and loaded the bases but a lazy pop up from Root into the hands of centerfielder Kees retired the second inning. The score is 6-0, Bulldogs lead.

Numbers 5, 6, and 0 of Edmonds all failed to score a single run courtesy of Orvella.

Rogers started the bottom by hitting a home run, which brought the score to 7-0. Varney hits a ball to first but does not make it; one out. Hardy the powerhouse hits a pop up into center field and got a double. Allen hits a pop up to third and scored a single which brought Hardy home. Baker hits it deep to third for a double and Baker got home. Guluarte struck out, which brought the third inning to an end with the Bulldogs at 9 and Edmonds at 0.

The fourth inning began. Number 10 of Edmonds goes up and hits the ball back into the mitt of pitcher, Orvella. Edmonds pitcher, Tori Gonzalez struck out. Number 15 hits the ball down to third but the ball reached first before she does.

At this point the Lady Bulldogs seemed to start losing their luster. Squiers hits the ball but failed to make a run. Root hits the ball to short stop where it is caught by number 16. Rogers hits a redeeming single but number 2, Breanna Wilson, hits an easy pop up. The fourth inning ended uneventfully.

Top of the fifth and the stipulations are clear. Edmonds needed to score nine points or else the game is over. Number 9 hits a pop up short stop where Orvella and Allen has a little confusion as to who should pick up the ball. Allen made the save by grabbing the ball and throwing it to first. One out. Orvella struck out the next two batters, ending the game. Bulldogs win, 9-0.

The Second Game

The coaches and trainers readied the field for game two of the BC vs. Edmonds mini-series. The BC athletic depart appreciates all their coaches and trainers as well as faculty who help make collegiate sports possible.

First inning, Hardy was pitcher for this game. The first Edmonds player hits a ground ball to first for an easy out. The next player struck out. Edmond’s Tori Gonzalez hits a single. The fourth player struck out.

Number 21, Emma Moore was pitching for Edmonds for this game.. Tingley hits a single and but Varney and Hardy both failed to get to first. With two outs, Allen popped onto the center for a single. Baker walked and Squier attempted a light hit but popped the ball into foul zone where it is caught. The first inning ended with both teams at zero points.

Kayley Kees from Edmonds hits a ground ball to short stop where a little three way confusion between the pitcher, short stop, and third baseman allowed Kees to reach first. Pitcher Emma Moore hits the ball to short stop where Varney accidentally lets the ball slip through her fingers. But a pop up to the third baseman signalled one out and a quick throw to second gets Kees out. Double play! Number 5 hits an easy one to the pitcher and failed to get to the base before the ball does.

Emma Moore pitched and Root hits the ball right into Mariah Mitchell’s mitt, who dropped the ball, but got to first anyways.  Rogers walked. Wilson hits the ball deep into third for a single and Tingley drove the ball down the center for another single and leaded up the bases. Varney stepped up to the plate and smashed the ball straight into center field for the grand slam, delivering the pain with extra syrup like she owns a Denny’s. Hardy followed up with a single. Allen got out at first. Baker hits a double into deep left, sending Hardy home. Squier hits a single into deep left, sending Baker home. Root hits a deep left for a single. Rogers brought the ball over center and over the fence for the home run. Wilson walked and Tingley walked but Varney got out at first. The second inning came to a close with the Bulldogs making an astounding nine point gain and bringing the score to 9-0.

Edmonds number 6 hits a single at the top of the third. Mariah Mitch, number 0, went for continuous bunts and ot two fouls before a successful bunt resulting in her getting out at first. Gonzalez hits a single and but number 15 truck out. The next batter hits the ball deep into the center and number 6 almost scaored but a quick double play from BC kept the Edmonds score at zero.

Hardy started off the bottom of the third by hitting a home run. Allen followed up with a single and stole second while Moore was preoccupied with Baker. Baker walked. Squier struck out. Root drove one to short stop to load the bases. Rogers hits a pop up to third which the left outfielder failed to catch for some reason and allowed Allen to score. Wilson hits a pop up double to center field which almost resulted in a home run but was literally inches short. Both Baker and Root scores. Number 21, Natasha Kiesel, got out at first. Varney was struck by the ball and walked. Hardy hits an easy pop up which was caught.

Top of the fourth and number 9 ot out at first, Emma Moore struck out, and number 12 hits an easy center field catch.

Bottom of the fourth and Allen hits a single and then stole second again. Baker assisted in bringing her home with a double. Squier hits a pop up which gets caught by number 9. Root hits a similar pop up to number 9. Rogers hits a ground ball at the pitcher and got out at first.

Top of the fifth and Edmonds needed to score fourteen points otherwise they lose. Needless to say, they did not. The Lady Bulldogs won the second game of the BC vs. Edmonds mini-series, 14-0.