Sport of champions: Root beer pong

Down to the last cup, rebuttals for both sides, one good toss could win the match or lose the match. After a well placed trick shot, one feels in the zone, ready to take on anything, including throwing that little white ping-pong ball into a party cup filled with root beer. This is but a common occurrence in the magical game of root beer pong.

Root beer pong, which is derived from the college game “Beer Pong”, uses the same rules as beer pong, while only changing the alcoholic beverage with a more sugary base, such as root beer.

At Bellevue College, there is a group called “The Inn Eastside.” They host many events every Tuesday that include everything from Mario Kart, to ultimate, to root beer pong. They continue to plan many other events throughout the year that are designed for people to just drop in and out as they please.

The Inn Eastside hosted a Root Beer Pong event in the cafeteria on Nov. 20 where dozens of people gathered to socialize, drink soda and participate in friendly competition. Two tables were set up with cups of root beer set in a triangular fashion to have a battle between two duos in which they used their wits, brawn and pure luck. People of all skills and sizes congregated in the college’s cafeteria to take part in the fun, exhilaration and the pure determination that is root beer pong.

The atmosphere in the BC cafeteria was filled with anxiety, stress and a will to win like no other will man has ever experienced. The exhilaration of getting the first cup down, and getting on a hot streak to win a game, it cannot be beaten.

The Inn East side has hosted many events similar to this one and plans to have more and more every Tuesday for BC students to just drop in and have a good time. If one wants to learn more about The Inn Eastside and their upcoming events, one can give them a like on Facebook under The Inn Eastside at