Spotlight the Black Student Union


Community, culture, and history. Three words that describe one of student services’ precious gems, the Black Student Union (BSU).

With the club’s tagline, “known your history, know your greatness” it is fair to say that February is an important month, with black history as its main focus. The BSU provided weekly events with an emphasis on the history of Africans prior to slavery. Yet, they are continuing to celebrate black culture with their closing celebration including a key speaker, potluck, and of course music and dancing.

The BSU places a strong emphasis on progression, and the long-term success of their members. President Zawdie Terry says BSU’s purpose is to; “support students by creating opportunities for them to practice and develop their skills” while also allowing them to “be successful in college.”

The club is conducted as a business. Everyone has a specific position that they are placed into based on their skill sets. Terry says, “The idea is for you to be developed, and prepared for the future.”

There are five major officers that work for different committees including





Community is a major factor in the BSU. They are currently working with Bellevue School District middle schools as an outreach program for African American students. The students take tours of three colleges, including BC, and are given information about each school and future programs they could participate in.

Their next goal is to stem out to high schools, provide tutoring, and a support system for African American Students.

Promoting diversity is an important aspect of the club. They are always looking for fresh ideas, and new members to add to their team regardless of ethnic background.

Anyone who is interested in Black culture, has skills they want to honor or just want to socialize and network BSU is there for you.

Meetings are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30-1:30 P.M.

Promoting diversity, and spreading awareness.