Spring Accessory Trends 2012: A Blend of New and Old

Photo courtesy of polyvore.com

Have you ever started a spring clean-out of your wardrobe and realized that the fewer, lighter clothing choices you are left with just seem too darn simple?  After all, you are restricted from the comfortable go-to layers that would previously make up your perfect outfit: Scarves, hats, cardigans, hoodies and their other cold weather companions are making their way to the back of your closet.  What can be done about this?

To all the fashionistas out there, while beauty can always be found in simplicity, spring is also the perfect time to take advantage of the diminishing layers and experiment with your accessories.  A single piece of jewelry, hair accessory or a fun pair of shoes has the power to add just the right amount of color to an outfit while expressing some of your own personal style. Take for example the relatively plain shorts and tank top combination: Layer on some bracelets, grab an oversized beach-tote and you’re ready to go.  Couple your favorite sundress with a skinny belt and a pair of dangling earrings for an easy touch of sophistication.  The opportunities are endless. Fortunately, the latest spring accessory trends for 2012 bring a wide range of choices to the table, ensuring that completing your warm weather looks this year will be a breeze!

Tribal and geometric: Don’t be afraid to bring out the bold hues and striking shapes this season, especially when it comes to jewelry.  Plenty of fun prints and tribal accents are still on the runway, so have some fun complementing your printed tops with wooden bangles or metallic cuffs.  Fantastically large, ethnic-inspired choker necklaces are also appearing, but don’t worry about converting your entire wardrobe to tribal art. Focus less on the busy prints and try matching one heavier necklace with a simple sundress or a pair of strappy sandals.

While it is unlikely that geometry was your favorite subject in high-school, this spring you may find yourself giving triangles, circles and trapezoids another chance in the form of accessories.  Take a straightforward outfit in solid colors and add a pair of circular stud earrings or a cubic bracelet to make a statement.

Pastels: If the big and bright isn’t quite your cup of tea, you’re in luck!  Generous amounts of pastel on everything from totes to heels are bringing a fresh, clean look to the runway this year, accentuating crisp lines and lightening the mood of any outfit.

Old Hollywood glamour: Did you ever secretly covet the immaculate styles worn by sophisticated Hollywood beauties back in the days of black and white?  Well now is your chance to take a look through the family heirlooms and dust off the pin-drop earrings, pearl necklaces, barrettes and polished pumps for a touch of class at your next formal event.

Hair accessories: Whether you hate getting tangled up in winding necklaces or simply prefer to keep your looks less fussy, this spring is also the perfect time to forget jewelry and just pull your hair out of the way with a wrap-style headband or a jeweled hair pin.  Try something with floral accents for a touch of whimsy.

As you can see, there is a broad spectrum of styles to explore this year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go out and spend a fortune on accessories.  Layered necklaces and wrist candy are just as popular this year, which means you can just as well layer any old wristwatches, friendship bracelets and beaded creations you have at home for an easy summer look.  Ultimately, true fashion is not so much about fitting the latest trend of the week, but about being a little adventurous sometimes and discovering your own personal style.