Spring Belletrist edition released

Speaker and advisory editor Cassie Cross reading her favorite pieces. Alyssa Brown / The Watchdog

The staff of Belletrist, Bellevue College’s literary magazine, celebrated their new spring quarter edition on Thursday, Sept. 29 with a launch party at the L building patio. Staff, students and community members were invited to hear readings from the magazine and learn more about Belletrist.

One of the students in attendance Maya Laku commended Belletrist, saying “This magazine is more than just a collection of arts. It is really cool to see students’ passions translated into this magazine.”

The magazine has been in production for many years dating back to the early 1970s. It began as a small magazine titled Night Shade, which later evolved into Belletrist. The cover image on the spring edition is a piece of artwork created by Travis Lilly one of the college’s very own students.

Fernando Perez reading his most recent work.
Alyssa Brown / The Watchdog

Belletrist aims to give aspiring writers and artists the chance to be published professionally alongside more experienced creators. Anyone in the BC community that sends in their work can be considered a contributor to the magazine. In addition, students have the opportunity to join the Belletrist staff.

In the past there was an English class dedicated to Belletrist that was offered winter quarter. This course taught students the steps to print and publish the magazine. For now, the class is on hold and according to Belletrist advisor Cassie Cross, “It may morph into a 235 technical writing course, focused on writing for the behind the scenes, technical part of Belletrist.”

The magazine is put together by staff and students in a collaborative effort. “We are still trying to find our creative direction. We are open to all kinds of work,” explained Cross. “Give us something to notice.”

Cross took the magazine under her wing and has been the advisor for the previous edition. She will also be the advisor for the next edition being put together this year.

Apart from the magazine, Belletrist has been constructing a new website. However, those who are interested can still submit their work on the old website. “We wanted to have it complete by this Thursday, but the deadline was a little too tight,” said Cross. The site is set to be finished in the next few weeks.

“A fine short story has a mind of its own. So does a fine poem. I suspect the same is true for a literary journal. Right now we’re very curious to hear what Belletrist wants for itself,” said English professor Dan Tremaglio on the future of Belletrist. The magazine is set to release each fall.

What may seem to be a delay in release is actually planned. According to Tremaglio, “fall is the busiest quarter on campus, so we figured it makes sense to debut our latest edition then.”

All interested students, staff and community members are encouraged to submit their original work. Submissions are free for students and $2 for non-students. Spring’s issue is available for purchase at the following locations: BC bookstore, University Bookstore, Third Place Books Lake Forest Parkway and soon at Open Books in Wallingford. It is also available for check out in the library media center.