Stabbing during anger management class at BC


On Oct. 9 at 9:30 a.m. a 19-year old woman, Faribah Maradiaga of Bellevue, was arrested on Bellevue College North Campus when she stabbed another student during a court-ordered anger management session.

Maradiaga was involved in a verbal dispute with another student when she did not like the video that was being shown in class.

The victim, who was sitting two rows in front of Maradiaga, told her that “the video was good and to give it a chance.”

Maradiaga, who already has a pending assault charge, then “blew out of control” according to the Bellevue Police report. She then started stabbing the other student in the arm and shoulder area with a three-inch pocket knife.

After the stabbing, Maradiaga threatened to kill the victim’s family.

911 was immediately called to the scene and the suspect was arrested and the victim was given medical treatment. The wounds appeared to be superficial. The Bellevue Police Department interviewd the other students in the class.

Maradiaga was charged with second-degree assault and is held in King County Jail on $50,000 bail and is scheduled to be arraigned on Oct. 25. She now has two pending assault charges.

After news of this incident was released to the public, many assumed that the class was offered by Bellevue College and that the incident involved BC Students.

The class is run by a court services agency that rented the class space from Bellevue College. This “Anger Management” class is not BC class nor did it involve any BC students or staff members.