Student Art Showcase

By Morgan Hodder
In this new section we will host the artworks of any BCC students who want their art published. We want you to show off your skills and talents to all the people at BCC! Photography, doodles, paintings, whatever you’d like to see in print should be submitted to every week before Wednesday. If you don’t have a scanner, email me and we can scan your works at the Jibsheet office. Along with your work, please tell us your name, what your piece is titled, how and why you made it, how long you’ve been at BCC and what classes you are taking, and your prospective artistic future. This week I put my own doodle in. It would’ve been called “Chess in Space” but I was too lazy to actually draw chess pieces, instead the people are playing checkers. I call it “Chess in Space” anyway. The woman on the left is wearing a helmet she designed for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. It tickles her brain the way smart people like it. She is clearly the gritty engineer of the spaceship, and hanging out in the captain’s seat so he can play a holograph of Lewis Carol’s Alice in a game of checkers. The captain is an anorexic physics junkie who enjoys the tactile experience of fishets. He smells because he never takes off the