Student Art Showcase: Lolita Pollock: “Student life experiencing itself subjectivley”

By Morgan Hodder.
Lolita Pollock is our week’s showcase artist, presenting a photograph she titled “Student life experiencing itself subjectively.” Pollock said she got her first camera when she was four years old, and it was binocular. Kids have more binocular disparity than adults, and since most cameras are uniocular, it was a very cool novelty. A uniocular camera is one that only allows the photographer to see the image being photographed through one eye. Pollock said “the cherries in her bowl of life” are for her personally, to effectively project how she experiences life to other living things. Visual imagery to her is an effective way of doing just that. Pollock’s inspiration, or motivation for creating her art, is in getting others to see her experiences the way she does. Pollock holds no ambitions for a photographic career, wanting instead to be a neuropsych-chemist. “Balancing psychology with chemistry,” Pollock said, “and getting the ethics boards to pass it is The Art Form. You know? Say you have x plus y equals z, but without z, you have no solution, just a problem.” Pollock said she enjoys seeing her thoughts visually, as it’s a form of validation to see something so abstract, so concrete. “‘It’ is not relative itself, other