Student Art Showcase – Nimue Tamler: “Will of Doom”

By Morgan Hodder.

The photographer of this week’s SAS is Nimue Tamler. She said the piece is titled “Will of Doom,” taken after her model’s stage name. The model is the rhythm guitarist in the band “Shroud of Desolation,” of which Tamler is their official band photographer.
She took this photograph with a 1980 Canon AE1 and developed it on BC’s campus in the photography lab. It’s a common activity for Tamler to hang out in “Shroud of Desolation’s” band room. She said she frequents there because she enjoys the high volume. Tamler said she found inspiration for this photograph, when one day, while she was hanging out in the band’s practice room, the rhythm guitarist began to play a piece of which he looked very passionate and focused. Wanting to capture this sincere, powerful essence, Tamler said she took the photograph from a lower angle to accentuate the emotional atmosphere of the model. “Photography is a great form of expression, especially working with models,” Tamler said. “If you can get the lighting just right, you can accentuate all those beautiful curves.” Tamler said she aspires to become a professional photographer and further her work in modeling, make-up artistry and costume design. “Photography is amazing! It was the best thing to come out of post-modernism.” Tamler said she hopes to continue working with models in the future, so drop her line and check out more of her work at If you want to see your artwork in our Student Art Showcase section, email Morgan at