Student Art Showcase: Over and Bishop “Sweet Tooth”

By Morgan Hodder.
This week in the Student Art Showcase there is a whole new dimension featured in the artwork hosted, totaling at three dimensions, as the artists are more than mere pen wielders, they are live action film creators. The picture hosted is a still from their short film, “Sweet Tooth”. C.J Bishop and David Over collaborated together on “Sweet Tooth,” and some have said their flick made a big splash in the video production department here at BCC.
Over and Bishop said the seven-minute short was inspired by a true story about a teenage boy who is caught in bed with the towns’ very well known, prestigious dentist’s daughter. The boy then has to endure getting chased by the father and as “Sweet Tooth” progresses, even more hilarity ensues.
“We like to have our films be very character driven… we like to model our selves after the Cohen brothers, and films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” said Bishop.
The short “Sweet Tooth” will be showing at Nifty (the National Film Festival for Talented Youth) April 26 at 10 A.M, but Bishop and Over are not new to the film festival scene. They said SIFF (Seattle international film festival) last year and featured another seven-minute short they made titled “Like Pink Milk.”