Student jobs at BC

student jobs

As the 2016-17 school year comes to a close at Bellevue College, several positions in student jobs around campus are opening up.

The BC Services and Activities Committee has recently been working on a new budget that the Board of Trustees will vote on. “This means that for student jobs, the minimum base rate will be raised to $13 per hour, even though I would like to see it much higher. But the fact of the matter is that we need to increase the baseline. And to come up with a budget to carve out enough money for student programs to be able to do that, that’s a huge thing, and it changes all 400 plus student jobs,” said Faisal Jaswal, assistant dean of Student Programs.

There are currently seven student program coordinator positions open at BC. The Arabic Culture Club, Black Student Union, El Centro Latino, BC Association of Veterans and the LGBTQ resource center all have program coordinator positions open. “Those are hired positions where students are paid all year long. They help manage and run events that happen within those clubs. Rather than the club members coming together and trying to manage all of that, those programs are big enough that we pay someone to actually do that leadership for them,” said Abby Lynn, Student Programs coordinator.

The Academic Success Center is currently hiring more tutors. Requirements for becoming a tutor include at least a B+ in the class one wants to tutor and a 3.2 overall GPA. “As far as our tutoring goes, we are always hiring for all subjects that BC teaches. We are always looking for tutors, and it is just based on availability. If we get people who want individual tutoring for a subject not a lot of people take, we will start recruiting for that position,” said Adam Walner the Academic Success Center.

Students on financial aid can apply for work study jobs. “If you don’t have financial aid you do not qualify normally. The difference between work study jobs and other student jobs is that the money for work study jobs comes from the federal government. A lot of the work study jobs are front desk jobs. There are usually some towel folding jobs in the gym,” said Kathy King of the Career Center. To learn more about work study jobs, students can visit the Career Center’s Connect website for job listings.

Student Programs did not receive enough applications for the positions of student trustee and of Associated Student Government chief justice. The student trustee represents the student body at Board of Trustees meetings once a month. To become the student trustee, students must have 24 college credits and be registered for 12 credits. Applications can be found online and must be submitted by May 3. “This position looks fabulous on any transcript, it looks fabulous if you’re transferring to a four year college, looks fabulous if you’re applying for your very first job, regardless of what that job is,” added Lynn.