Student Profile: Jeffrey Nguyen


Upon first glance, Jeffrey Nguyen, a BC sophomore, may seem like the shy, reserved type, but once you get to know him, he’s anything but that. It’s also probably a good idea to get to know him know him now just in case he becomes your future psychologist.

Aside from dedicating most of his time to school, Nguyen has many activities outside of school that he tries to partake in as much as possible. One of Nguyen’s strongest passions is cooking. “I have a family cookbook that is composed of recipes that come from China, Vietnam and [America.] I like to practice whenever I have ingredients and am asked to cook,” said Nguyen.

Another hobby of Nguyen’s is collecting old television and movie series on DVD. Most notably out of his collection though, he says that he is unfortunately behind a few seasons, on “Monk” and “Charmed.” For the BC gamers, Nguyen is also a big time “League of Legends” player. Nguyen doesn’t just play by himself, he takes it to the next level by playing with friends, family and a collective group of individuals from University of Washington. For any BC students that are interested in adding Nguyen, his summoner name is Riot

As for classes this quarter, Nguyen is taking Japanese, Sociology and Pre-Calculus. Beginning in  high school, Nguyen has been taking Japanese in the hopes that one day his wish to study abroad at Kansai University will come true.

Overall, Nguyen is working to obtain his transfer degree in arts & sciences and is majoring in psychology. After he is done at BC, Nguyen hopes to attend either UW or Pacific Lutheran University. While he doesn’t have it completely narrowed down, he knows that as a career he would either like to become a counselor, shrink, or psychologist in the future. One thing Nguyen does know, is that he wishes to be involved with families in his future career. “I want to become a family counselor/personal psychiatrist because I believe that the foundation of family is important. I would like to help struggling families out and I want to help others strive in their lives in any way I can,” said Nguyen, “I was told I’ve been a pretty good listener, so if I could contribute and help and get paid for it? I’d take that.”

If you happen to see Nguyen around school, say “hi!” It never hurts to make a new friend who also happens to be a great listener.