Student Programs Fosters Involvement

Located on the second floor in C212 Student Union Building, Student Programs offers BC students the opportunities to get involved on campus. The office of Student Programs coordinates all student programs, clubs and activities on campus.

In 2014, BC Student Programs has 70 clubs and 36 programs and has successfully built the foundation for students to experience life on campus. The number of clubs and programs fluctuates through the years, but some of the most supporting clubs and programs such as Associated Student Government (ASG), International Student Association (ISA), Black Student Union, Peer-to-Peer Mentoring and Volunteering Program, and PALS Center remain.

According to Associate Director of Student Programs Nora Lance, a student can start a club and join Student Programs by having five members. “Student Programs is responsible for overseeing and monitoring all the student programs and clubs funded by Student Programs. We also assist them in planning events to make sure they have an organized and scheduled project plan,” she said.

The mission of Student Programs is to enrich student life through leadership opportunities, personal learning, and cultural experiences. Student Programs is committed to building a pluralistic and diverse campus community that fosters creativity, innovation, and student success and empower students to contribute to community as better world citizens.

Christine Sullivan, the Watchdog editor-in-chief, said, “I think Student Programs is a really good opportunity for people from all different, you know, diverse parts of the culture to stick together and it gives people opportunities to step out of comfort zones and be all unified as one. So, I think that’s kind of the initial goal of students programs, to get everyone together and share their experience.”

In addition to the activities coordinated directly by the Student Programs office staff, ASBC and Student Programs support about 40 programs and services that provide social, educational, and cultural activities to foster student academic success. All BC credit students pay a services and activities fee as part of their tuition to support these programs.

Students can participate in Student Programs by joining the clubs or programs they are interested in or creating their own club or program. To find out more about Student Programs, students can come to C212 or visit the BC website for further information.