Student stories


Erika Lamothe: “A winter memory that I have is, every Christmas me and my family would drive up to Maine from Rochester, New York to stay with my grandparents. We would ride in the car for hours and we strapped this really wide VHS TV that was pretty small onto one of the seats and I would watch Land Before Time. Going to Maine was really special because the snow was everywhere and we would decorate cookies and go snow mobiling… I know it’ll never be the same but as a kid it was the best thing in the world.”

Timilin Travers: “I’m in CEO because I was doing really bad in high school and failing completely. I was stressed and anxious and I didn’t have many friends. My counselor suggested BC to me and the CEO program and I joined! So far I adore it and I’m doing really well, I’ve made lots of friends and I’m super excited to be here.”

“I started out taking ABE classes and felt discouraged about it, but I worked hard and pushed myself more than I thought I could handle. Now I am taking college level courses. I feel really proud of myself, but I still have a ways to go but I am not going to be discouraged by that. Because I know I can do whatever I put my mind to.”

“I started riding horses with my dad, due to Mexican rodeos popping up around this area. Last spring quarter I ditched class to go to California to a horse sale. My cousin and I went on a fourteen hour drive and I ended up purchasing a quarter horse there. I named my horse Shakira!”