Student/BC athletics intern profile: Keturah Anderson

KatrinaThumbThe Bellevue College athletics department has recently received a boost, with intern Keturah Anderson. Anderson has been attending BC for the past six quarters and has a history with the Associated Student Government. She felt that she wanted to do more on campus that is athletics oriented.

“Basically for my career I want to be on sports management and sports events. The internship would be good for connections and for my resume,” said Anderson.

Anderson’s plans on increasing game attendance include free giveaways during games. One such example was free pizza and coke during a volleyball game on Oct. 23. Another would be free T-shirts during future basketball games. Half-time performances would also be implemented. “We want to give out more free stuff during games because that’s what students like,” Anderson said.

Aside from free stuff, Anderson has other plans. “We’re going to try to promote more on Facebook and on the BC website. Right now I’m trying to get a hold of the designer for the BC website and see if I can get a better link on there for the athletics department.” She added, “I’m just trying to think of ways to put athletics out there and bring more awareness.” She would also like to promote through signs and word of mouth.

During her term as an intern in the athletics department, Anderson aspires to help the athletics grow alongside the growth of the school to become a four-year college. Anderson hopes that when the school becomes a known and a certified four-year school, the athletics department is also ready and as professional as those found in four-year colleges.

“We’re starting to remodel our fields to turf fields and we’re going to get new lights and scoreboards and some things to make it look nicer,” said Anderson.

More information on the athletics department, future games and future giveaways can be found at