Students return from Southeast Asia research project

Students of the Advanced Studies in International Business course have recently returned from studying in Southeast Asia.

Each year, the class’ destination varies, to capture all the possible angles of business networking across the world.

This trip included 16 Bellevue College students enrolled in BUS 280 that traveled through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

The course is designed to have students experience and research, by comparing U.S. business practices with their global counterparts. When they research the differences and become familiar with how the other systems work, the students are able to begin grasping a view on the importance of this knowledge.

The first part of the experience is focused on getting students comfortable with the local environment, culture, and transportation systems. By the end of the trip, students are expected to submit a business research project, in which they discuss what they have learned regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the different networks, among other focuses of the study.

Requirements for this class include: instructor permission, as well as completion of INST 150: International Business.

Completion of BUS 280 can also be accepted at UW for a transfer class credit.

This is a class offered at BC for students seeking ways to broaden their horizons of learning and educational studies.

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