Study and vacation in New Zealand and Australia

For students who are already getting tired of the drab Washington state weather and the same old same old, the study abroad opportunity for students at Bellevue College is an ideal way to continue studying  outside of the state. This winter quarter, BC students have the opportunity to study abroad for 10 weeks in Australia and New Zealand.

While in Australia, students will be going to school at Newman College in Melbourne. As for accommodations, each student will have their own single dorm room at the school. Similar to American on campus living, students will have shared bathrooms and eating facilities.

In New Zealand, BC students will be going to school at Unitec University, which is one of New Zealand’s top educational institutes. Unlike the arrangements in Australia, students will be staying in shared apartments that have fully supplied kitchens to do their own cooking on their own time.

The program is set up to appeal to those who are ooking forward to experiencing opportunities specific to New Zealand and Australia. Upon arrival in Australia, students will study and go to classes just as they would back at home for a total of four weeks. After the four weeks are over, all students will be able to have a week-long vacation before flying to New Zealand.

BC students will have access to a travel planner who will help design their travel itinerary for the week, whether it be general sightseeing or scuba diving. After the week of vacationing is up, students will fly to New Zealand and go through the same process.

Four weeks of school, and then one week of fun before heading back to America.

Ivan Breen, BC study abroad coordinator, has put together many study abroad programs and had plenty of reasons for why New Zealand and Australia would be great places to study abroad.

“Students who don’t have a lot of travel experience would do well with this trip. They speak English and it’s different, but not too different. So rather than going somewhere like straight to India, which is one of the hardest places to study abroad, it’ll give them a chance to get their feet wet.”

As far as affording a study abroad program, it is a good idea to find out early if you will need to take out loans or financial aid.

Our study abroad program is cheaper than it would be at a university but it’s just as good so you’re getting the bang for your buck,” said Breen.

The program would cost about $1,000 a week to reach a total of $10,000.

In order to be considered for the study abroad program, there are prerequisites that students need to meet. Students have to be enrolled at BC and taking at least 12 credits with at least a 2.5 GPA. Additionally, students have to supply two letters of recommendation, and write a one page essay stating why studying abroad is an interest.

“Studying abroad, and going abroad really, helps see how others live and helps see others perspectives. You’ll go study abroad and come back and see things in a new way. You’ll question why we do certain things differently, and why they do certain things differently,” said Breen.

For those interested in BC’s study abroad program, contact Ivan Breen at for more information.