Studying abroad is a worthwhile experience

Studying abroad is one of the best choices I have ever made in my life. Being in the greater Seattle area has introduced me to great people and given me the opportunity to have great study and work environments. Studying abroad is highly beneficial because it helps students to learn a new language, gain new experiences and meet new people.

Without having regular friends and family around, students will have the opportunity to meet new people on a daily basis, not only from the local area but also from all around the world. Studying abroad gives the opportunity to meet great people that will be friends during the time spent abroad and may end up being international business partners in the future. It may be what leads one to find their partner in life who is on the same boat learning far from home.

Living with a host family is definitely a spectacular experience that will help students have a lifetime relationship in a new place. Developing relationships with the people who live in the same city will help students enjoy their stay more when they return to visit.

Living in another country that has a totally different language will drastically help students gain new language skills because they will be obligated to speak the local language which is the fastest way to learn and experience new cultures. In many situations, exchange students end up studying the whole curriculum in the new language that they just learned. Forgetting the new language is almost impossible because exchange students have to spend the majority of their time speaking it.

Many companies prefer graduate students who have studied abroad because they know how valuable those skills are. Studying abroad will make students more competitive in the job application process because it teaches a unique set of skills and characteristics such as language skills, a willingness to learn and having a unique perspective on different cultures.

Studying abroad helps students to explore, see incredible landmarks, historical places and experience new activities. In addition, students aren’t always limited to travel inside just one country, but also often have the opportunity to visit neighboring countries. Students studying in France will be able to explore many countries in Europe. There is the opportunity to experience new adventures, new food and new friends.

Being on one’s own in a foreign country will significantly help the student to be a more independent person. Students will be able to discover themselves in a new environment while gaining an understanding of a new culture. Studying abroad helps to build strong interpersonal communication skills as they will be communicating with people from all around the world. Students will learn how to better manage their time and finances being independent and on their own.

I recommend for everyone to try studying abroad even if it is going to be for a short period of time because it definitely is worth it.