Summer in Seattle

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Tic tock, tic tock. Last question. Answer C. A loud zipper meets silence broken by joy and relief. Free at last! Twelve weeks, six textbooks, a handful of headaches and a bout with carpal tunnel later… it’s summer in Seattle. All the hard work, long nights, and tedious assignments have finally come to a close.

Like spring, summer is a time for healing and relaxation. Lakes Washington and Sammamish become Seattle’s rehab for the gray gloom that looms over the Emerald city from early August to late June. Ski boats and jet skis save Seattlites from the maddening repetition of overcoats and windshield wipers.

Summer rehab has a dress code as well: Tank tops, flip-flops, and cut-offs. The more adventurous may opt for Sorrel’s, Kelty packs or Nalgene bottles. Comfort is key.

For us Bulldogs, summer means even more. It is a time to relax, rejuvenate, and acquire those much-needed doses of vitamin D. Some students, like Alora Powell, even find relaxation in summer courses.

“I really don’t mind the summer part, it feels good to study hard for a couple hours and then be able to get out in the sun right after. I can still enjoy the summer while completing my studies.”

For the remaining Bulldogs, no more thesis statements, research papers, business proposals or drafts. Being seen in the library or even on campus has been known to bring tears from the most stoic of men.

The city offers a gamut of activities and engagements. “Seafair, Bumbershoot, and Capitol Hill’s Block Party are my three mandatory summer events” shared Capitol Hill’s Chloe Jay.

Others may be like Bellevue College’s Natalie Childers who said she does not have many plans this summer. “I just feel relieved classes are over for a couple months and I can relax.” Sophomore Derek Johnson feels the same way, but he added he would be doing some well-deserved celebration as well.

After a couple weeks of vacation, Johnson was asked how it felt to be on summer break, and responded, “I’m just living the life”. Cool refreshments, barbeque kick backs with friends, trips to Westport and Lake Washington have been systematically checked off of the scholar’s to do list.

A summer bucket list may not be a bad way to go for those in need of a distraction. Climb Tiger Mountain, try all 31 flavors at Baskin Robin, jet ski around Mercer Island, drive to the Gorge for a concert, take a weekend backpacking trip, go to a farmers market, jump off the high dive at Madison Park Beach or open a lemonade stand.

Sun breathes life into the usually overcast city, prompting residents to blossom outward as a bud would mid spring (except for this spring which sucked). Planning a vacation, a day hike, or even shopping can be therapeutic. Whatever the remedy, summer is the healing medium for overstressed and overworked students so go enjoy it while it lasts.