Super Bowl 48: Seattle Seahawks make history

The Seattle Seahawks are Super Bowl Champions,

the moment that Seattle has been waiting over 30 years for has finally arrived. The Seahawks are Super Bowl champions. Seattle is now the proud owner of it’s first Lombardi trophy. After a season of extremely high expectations, the Seahawks can be proud to say that they have fulfilled them.

Super Bowl XLVIII was predicted to be a super matchup between the high octane  Denver offense, led by quarterback Peyton Manning and the destructive defense of the Seattle Seahawks led by Defensive Player of the Year candidates free safety Earl Thomas and Cornerback Richard Sherman. This was also a matchup between the #1 ranked offense and the #2 ranked defense in the entire NFL. This game was said to be one of the most memorable Super Bowls of all time. However, the game did not live up to those expectations.

The game started out on a horrible note for the Broncos. On the first play after kickoff, mis communication on the offensive line led to a mis-snap and a safety giving the ball to the Seahawks before 30 seconds had passed on the game clock. The Hawks got a couple field goals before getting their first touchdown on a one yard rush by halfback Marshawn Lynch. Another touchdown came from linebacker Malcolm Smith who caught one of Manning’s deflected passes and returned it for a pick six. There were no more scores before the end of the half, so at halftime the Seahawks had a massive lead on the Broncos.

The second half started off even worse for the Broncos as the kick off was returned by wide receiver Percy Harvin for an 88 yard return touchdown. The Broncos got their first touchdown of the game in the 3rd quarter with a pass to Demarius Thomas, then a two-point conversion pass to Wes Welker to give the Broncos their first eight points of the game. However, the Seahawks went on a scoring streak, getting touchdowns with Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse, while also keeping the Broncos completely scoreless after their toucdown. The game ended with a score of 43-8 where the Seahawks walked away victorious.

This was a very memerable Super Bowl but not for the same reasons that people thought going onto the game. This was very memberable for the beatdown the Seahawks offense had on the Broncos defense and that the Seahawks defense was able to completely shut down the Broncos high-power offense. Regardless of how the game will be remembered, the Seahawks have won their first Super Bowl since the team was created. Now, the only thing the 12th man wants is for the next season to get here fast.