Super Smash Bros club games days away

There are a multitude of clubs at Bellevue College covering a range of subjects from theater and chess to gardening and video games. The Super Smash Bros club is one such group. Relatively small at the moment, the club hopes to expand in the next year. “We hope to get more people,” said David Sagiyan, club president. “It’s not getting as much attention as I thought it would, but we still had fairly sizable club meetings. We usually had an average of 10 people coming in, sometimes different, sometimes old, but those are the statistics from last quarter.” “I have to redo all our Facebook stuff. Instead of a group, I had made a page; instead of a page I made some kind of weird… I don’t know,” said Sagiyan. “I’ll fix all that, and by the end of this quarter we’ll be up and running at full capacity by fall.” Until this point, most of the recruiting had been done through word of mouth. “Originally I didn’t even know that they played Super Smash Bros here,” said Jose Fernandez. “When it was chartered, I was just a regular at the LBGTQ Resource Center, and even before that I was at the magic tables down in the fishbowl area. One day, one of my friends said that they played Super Smash Bros. upstairs. So, I came up here and I met this Smash community that I am now a part of.”
So far, the events run by the club have been limited if impressive. “We don’t have a biweekly tournament set up yet,” stated Sagiyan. “We did have one either in winter or spring in the cafeteria or café area. We set up a projector, got a screen, set up chairs and we had people play like that. We try to make it look as nice as possible, but we have only hosted two tournaments so far. We hope to have more free play events in the future though. Maybe donate a buck to join. We actually are thinking of setting up a kind of ‘king of the hill’ style match. Fifty cents for a round, the winner gets a free round. It’s a four player match, so we would see how long someone could stay on top. If you want to join in again, maybe 25 cents, stuff like that.”
While the club may not have gained much in the way of serious membership yet, according to Deborah Minium it was certainly founded on the right idea. “I believe that the creation of the club was fueled by the popularity of the game and Emily Merrill’s (the original president of the club) interest in the game. She thought it would be a good socializing activity with so many students interested in gaming and Super Smash Bros in particular. BC has had an arcade on campus for decades with video games available for play which has always drawn an abundance of students trying to relax during a stressful class day.”
For those interested in joining the club or dropping in to play, the club meets in room C203 just across from Student Programs in the C Building starting Tuesdays at 1:00 p.m.