Survival tip: Falling on your head from wearing heels

High heels can be hazardous (SOURCE:
High heels can be hazardous (SOURCE:




If you can’t walk you’ll trip in heels.

Have too many you can’t pay bills.

Wear them to too high to school you look like a cheap thrill.

I know you don’t mean to, but these heels will be the end of you.

I am all for looking cute and going to school. Dressing up at school doesn’t mean you are: A: Trying to attract the opposite sex (or whoever floats your boat) B: Act like you are above all • Treating every hallway as a walkway. Clothes are just an extension of our personality. Some people, like me, like to use our bodies as a canvas and clothing as our paint.

BUT, some people take things too far. Heels are wonderful. They lengthen your legs, take your butt from drab to fab, and are a great accessory to top off any outfit, but C’MON if you are stumbling around in them then they are not the shoe for you.

I’m talking to you, girl who wore 4 inch plus pumps, plus the platform (so around 6-7 inch heels) paired with a purple mini and faux fox fur jacket on a 40 degree day. KUDOS. First off from the back, you looked like the walking dead.

Your legs were wobbling, you weren’t walking straight, and I swear your arms were out in front of you (probably to brace your fall). I didn’t even know if you would make it up the slight incline from the R building to the C building (emphasis on the slight since it is pretty much inexistent).

Your heels were fierce enough for the likes of Rhianna or Beyonce. They just were on the wrong person, at the wrong place, and worn at the wrong time.

If you can rock the 4 inch pumps without falling head over heels literally then do it at your own discretion. Just know that if you aren’t experienced with heels, and you decided to wear them on a cold day, and please stick to the less populated areas on campus. The day you do slip or twist your ankle in front of the C building on a sunny day, will never be forgotten—well mostly by you.

To the girls who wear simple pumps 2-3 inches high, I can do nothing but love and support you, especially if you wear them effortlessly and accompanied by the perfect outfit. My only suggestion would be to have fun with them.

There is no need to always wear stilettos. BC may have clubs, but this is no nightclub. There are tons of heels that are hot for spring: Peep toe pumps Color block pumps Platforms Wedges Some girls have the “I’m too tall to wear heels mentality” Well, to you I say WOMAN UP.

I’m 5’8’’ and I still wear heels. Don’t let anyone stop you from wearing what you want to (within reason). I don’t plan on seeing any latex catsuits around campus even if it becomes a spring trend.

My tips for walking effortlessly in heels:

*Always start small. Find a comfortable 2-3 inch heel to begin and then gradually increase height.

*Wear them a whole week before you have a major event to attend, which means put them on when you wake up and take them off when you go to sleep.

*Gel inserts are your best friends. GET THEM!