Survival Tip: Spinning out of control Spinoffs

Partners in crime Jwoww, and Snooki (SOURCE:
Partners in crime Jwoww, and Snooki (SOURCE:

Our favorite lasagna-loving cat, Snooki, and the tanner version of the mystery team (DJ Pauley D, and JWoww) are at it again. This time they are GTLing on their own. MTV approved two new spinoffs; one with the ‘now boys allowed’ crew, Snooki and JWoww, whereas Pauly D is ridin’ solo.

With all the reality shows that are out, what more can they expose?

We have learned that you can never trust a basketball player from watching “Basketball Lives”.  I learned that it’s hard to find love, but easy to give ridiculous nicknames like Danger from Ray J.

With the clutter of so-called “reality” TV on every network (it used to just be VH1 when MTV actually played music videos), I never see the purpose in creating spin-offs of shows that will be a mere mirror image of the original.



Laguna beach: The Real Orange County: IT WENT THERE. Beaches, bikinis, and mean broads/bros.


The Hills = LA, hot temperatures, and set up encounters.

The City = New York Fashion plus DRAMA

Potential new spinoff:

The Sewer: since that is where their careers have gone, with a few exceptions.


Flavor of Love: This show started the whole craze of celebs finding love. Gold clocks, gold teeth, and crazy women. YEAH BOY!!!


I Love New York: Oversized eyelashes, mother looks like Dracula, and attitude needs adjusting.

Real Chance of Love: Brothers Chance and Real (nicknames given by New York) both went out for New York’s love and lost. Still, they didn’t give up on love.

Rock of Love: Brett Michaels and his bandana set out on a mission to find a rock-n-roll betty — with double Ds and no babies.

For the Love of Ray J: Singer Ray J had one wish: To find a chick that could love him for who he is. It was granted. Where else can you find a girl with a tiger tattoo on her face?

For the Love of Money: The MOTHER of all spinoffs — that includes all the contestants that never found love.

Potential spin off:

For the love of Chris Brown: Just watch out. If your nickname is Rihanna,  you might get hit.


The Real Housewives of Orange County (SAGA: Women struggling for power in their hometowns aka the real-life “Cougar Town”.)

Housewives of New York City/

Housewives of Atlanta/

Housewives of New Jersey: Bickering and backstabbing housewives trying to fight for air time, but I loved every moment of it. The “lemme give you to T honey’s, and the throwing shade. Gotta have it!

Potential spin off:

The Real Housewives of Seattle: Starbucks will be thrown. North Face apparels will be stolen. There will be another battle of Seattle.

Maybe the Jibsheet will get our own show. There will be corky characters, an office romance, and a boss that is both odd but sweet. Well, I guess we will never know. Until next time, Jibbers!