Survival Tips: Crossin Barriers

What you may find in Canada (SOURCE:
What you may find in Canada (SOURCE:

The end is almost HERE. No more stumbling into morning classes 15 minutes late.

No more BALANCING school, work, and play. Spring break is all fun and games, and I plan to collect my $200 when I pass go.

With only three weeks left before the big BANG, I’ve decided it’s time to make some concrete plans.

Plans that involve all the things I missed during winter quarter:

*My posse who live on Broadway

*My only sunshine, the actual SUN

*My lover and friends

And finally,

*Short shorts

You know what that means, Jibbers.


It’s time to restock on some much needed vitamin D.

It’s time to eat some fish tacos on Venice Beach, hit the shops on Melrose, and drink some spiked drinks with my favs Mickey and Goofy at the happiest place on Earth.

The only thing that vacation is blocking is my lack of motivation.

If you see me doing lunges around campus, don’t be alarmed.

If you see me doing squats against a wall, don’t worry.I have to, in the words of Bubba Sparxxx, “Get it right, get it tight”

There is no way that I am going to spend money to fly and spend hours under the California sun just to wear layer upon layers.I’m thinking more along the lines of “less is better”, which means it’s time to GTL (GYM, TAN, LAUNDRY)… Minus the T and L.

There is no way that I will be wearing a bathing suit if I think a clothing malfunction will occur. I am no Janet Jackson. I doubt people will be in awe.

My body will be in the best shape ever. My only problem is that Cali houses my only kryptonite: IN N OUT burger.

Picture this:

Work out for 3 weeks to get to ideal weight and tone.

THEN, BOOM! Come back to Washington a week later 50 pounds heavier.

I’ll have to try out for “I used to be skinny.”I guess all good things can be done in moderation.

All the sights will be seen, and all my celeb watching will prove effective… Until, I finally enjoy my window seat view and return to the Emerald City. YAY, 39 degrees. Just to head over to our upstair neighbor. AU CANADA.

They don’t have a maple leaf on their flag for nothing.

It’s maple syrup time.

Maple cookies.

Maple bars.

Maple flavored honey.


I’ll need a schedule to fill in all the necessary bars, shops, and historical monuments like the Granville club strip.

My simple trip equation:

shopping + bars + pretty money (money with colors on it, how cute) + maple syrup – weird accents – mounties – chillaxing in 30 degree weather = coming back with a shot glass with a mountie moose on it.

If I survive, come back without sorosis of the liver, and can still say “about” instead of “a-boot”, then it’s back to school all over again.

Can’t live with it, can’t live without it: EDUCATION.