Survival Tips: Staying in Seattle


It’s spring break, you don’t have a lot of money, and you don’t know what to do.


All your friends are out of town, and you have no one to go to Chipotle with you.


Hopefully you have started marking off your calendars, Jibbers. We are on the brink of beginning spring break.

You know what that means:

*Permanent brain loss

Cause: excessive drinking

*Becoming a borderline nudist

Cause: the gorgeous beaches of Florida (minus the tar)

*Gaining weight up the ying yang:

Cause: any type of dank food, preferably a fat juicy In-N-Out burger and shake

If you can go down the checklist, you are bound to have a Tony the Tiger GRRREAT time (if you survive).

With this economy, no one can afford to go border hopping or state line crossing.

That’s why I advise that you take advantage of your week of freedom, the Seattleite style.


Go to a restaurant that is unique to Seattle. That means no Reddy Robs for the french fry fanatics, and no Cheesecake Factory for the classy students.


*Beth’s Cafe:

Looks like you’ve entered someone’s kitchen, where the parents put everything in the refrigerator.

*Hurricane Cafe:

Has the old school diner feel with the color scheme of that painting of dogs playing poker.


*Pike Place Bar and Grill

Right above Pike Place Market itself. Look down on all the tourists as they try to stop at every booth.


*Il Bistro:

Have a romantic getaway with a loved one (preferably not a family member), and take a brief voyage to Italy, Seattle.



Ever seen a troll before? Want to?

Go to Fremont to see the troll himself.

You can also find yourself in the middle of the Earth, literally, by their local Taco Del Mar.


There is nothing to really do in Ballard, but every time I go to Fremont, I always get lost there. Why not make an adventure of it?

Capital Hill:

If you can’t afford a trip down to San Francisco, take one over to a similar setting. If trying new things tickles your fancy, then head over to Neighbors nightclub.


Send my regards to Broadway, literally. There are a tons of signature shops, and personal faves (Urban Outfitters, American Apparel).


From BC, take the 271 toward UW and get off the bus after you have counted 10 hipsters. You have arrived.

Places to go:

Moksha (Urban Outfitters minus the music and price)

Pitaya (Forever 21 minus the middle schoolers)

Regardless of what you do, just remember that staying in Seattle for break isn’t that bad. It could always be worst… TRAPPED IN TACOMA.