Surviving finals is easier than you think

I hope everyone’s classes are going well at this point in the year. Today, I want to share some of my experiences and techniques about how I usually survive my finals.

Finals can be stressful, but having a good attitude is essential as we transition into finals week. Try to stay calm while preparing for finals by making realistic goals and study plans from now until your finals date arrives.

Procrastinating until the very end can cause a lot of pressure later on. Instead, I prefer to work hard every day and try to do well on my exams. By doing this, I usually still have an A in my classes before I take my final exams, which makes me feel more comfortable and confident when I walk into finals.

My biggest piece of advice is to prepare early and put effort into your courses every day. Do not let all of the pressure fall on the final exams, because it only makes a part of your grade. Besides, students can feel more stressed if they are only counting on their final exams to boost their grade. From my experience, my final scores are usually similar to my previous exam scores, so my grade does not change a lot after a final exam’s score has been posted.

Another piece of advice I want to share is to see your instructor as soon as possible whenever you feel like you need help. Instructors at Bellevue College usually have office hours throughout the week. It is very helpful to ask them about a question or a concept you did not understand in class. Instructors might also be able to offer students suggestions on how to prepare for exams and reduce stress. I certainly go to my instructors many times throughout a quarter, and I feel proud of it. I like the fact that BC instructors are very approachable outside the classroom, and students can email their instructors and make an appointment if they are unable to meet during their instructors’ regular office hours.

Remember, you are not alone! Talking with other classmates could definitely help you survive finals. I see many students walk into class, check their phone, listen to the lecture and leave. Some people might be shy, but try jumping out of your comfort zone, because you never know what could learn if you do not try. I make friends with my classmates and support them, and I get a lot of support from them at the same time. It makes me feel good when I am a part of our community, and I work with others to reach the same goal. I usually schedule some study groups with my classmates, and I always find it helpful, since I can learn from different people and get instant help.

There are a lot more resources and tips out there to help you ace your finals. The Bellevue College Academic Success Center is located at D204 and offers free tutoring to all students Monday through Sunday. The BC library and computer labs are usually open for extended hours during finals week. However, make sure to get enough sleep, because it helps you prepare for the next day.

I hope my final survival tips are helpful, and I hope you are feeling ready and confident to ace finals week! Good luck.