Surviving spring break when you’re stuck at home

Spring Break at HomePassport? Check. Bikini that hasn’t been worn since summer but luckily still fits? Check. Twin pack of sun block from Costco because pale Washington vampire skin and a tropical sun do not mix? Double check. First class plane ticket to Cabo? Reality check.

 Okay, so a lot of us starving college kids are not waking up every morning feeling like P. Diddy, rolling in the “Benjamins” or, most importantly, we’re not all packing for our spring break getaway to Cabo San Lucas.

 Spring break is almost here: approximately 10 days, 5 hours, 27 minutes and 56 seconds (but let’s not get too obsessive over it, because then the weeks preceding it will just drag and drag), and just because you are stuck at home and not planning your trip to Mexico or some other tropical place to get away from responsibilities, –work, school, and home — doesn’t mean you need to mope and complain.

 It’s still time off from school. Your spring break doesn’t have to suck because you had these illusions of grandeur that a vacation in a warm place was in your future. You can still figure out stuff to do in town that are somewhat, kind of, maybe can be as fun as traveling somewhere exotic, right?

 First of all, with all the money you save from the plane ticket that you didn’t actually purchase, now you can totally go towards buying a tan at a local tanning salon or even one of those tanning lotions or sprays. It sounds kind of lame, but what other time would you buy this somewhat random but much needed item?

 You’ll feel refreshed and confident and as if you’ve come off the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. You’ll get that sexy, bronzy glow without the chance of getting skin cancer or a sunburn or mosquito bites. And hello, you always look thinner when you’re tan.

 You should also get into the whole relaxation zone and get a bunch of spa-like treatments as well. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure, maybe even a little facial that you can give yourself. Walgreen’s has this mint julep facial mask for $10 that makes your skin feel smooth and baby-like.

 Another thing you could do that are less “you-centric” is volunteer work. Okay, so someone suggested this to me, and while I’m all for philanthropy, it is still vacation. Who really wants to work on vacation? I mean, doing a project like Habitat for Humanity could get you out of your house and introduce you to a lot of un-shallow people.

 Also, it would be a good opportunity to take this time to strengthen your resume for future college or job applications. It sounds kind of corny, but those feelings you get from volunteer work are truly priceless and well worth the hard work.

 Finally, you can just do all the things you don’t usually have time to do during the quarter. Go to the movies and see “Alice and Wonderland,” or finally see that movie about the blue alien fairies that everyone is raving about. I think it’s called “Avatar.” The Oscars just happened recently, so you know there is a bunch of movies that are worth renting or seeing in the theaters with some friends or a date.

Another option could be to get really crazy and go to one of those clubs in Seattle and get down with your bad self.

 The key is to get out and not sit inside and mope and sulk about how you’re stuck at home while some of your friends are vacationing on an exotic island. You may have to endure a few random snow blizzards and other odd weather, but hey, you’re a Washingtonian; you’re used to it by now.